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Our CEO and Founder, Will, opened his first media business in London, England after gaining notoriety as an online influencer, content creator, and game developer. As a pioneer of this industry, his unique skill set in media production proved to be incredibly valuable. He and his team of producers and engineers created high quality live content at over 500 events, from business conferences to gaming tournaments.


They travelled the world, from Edinburgh to Iceland to Montreal to capture events and make moments last. Will successfully sold his first business and then created JOMO Media Group.

Syd began her career in marketing as a social media specialist and quickly expanded her expertise into all realms of marketing. She quickly became a highly sought-after marketing consultant in the gaming industry. Syd graduated with her BA in Communication and is highly regarded in communicative academia for her award winning research in Media Psychophysiology.


She went on to become the youngest CMO in company history at her previous role, and decided to work for Will to create JOMO Media Group. They’ve built a team of expert analysts, marketers, and producers that make ideas come to life.